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Who we are:

Entelechynt is an indie game development company devoting to making fun and innovative games.

Nitty Gritty Nerd Stuff:

Eric Roberts: eric AT entelechynt dot com

Eric learned how to read and write at a computer. Graduated from a high school arts program majoring in music and learning to program in his early teens. He is obsessed with learning how to make games. During his undergraduate he even wrote a clone of Theseus and the Minotaur in 68k assembly using a number keypad for input. Thousands of cryptic lines written entirely in notepad. Never again.

Making Things Look and Sound Cool:

Kevin Roberts: kevin AT entelechynt dot com

Kevin, gaming enthusiast, graduated from a high school arts program majoring in visual arts and hasn't kicked the art school syndrome quite yet. He regular procures eclectic (or 'artsy') items. Collects, paints, draws, and plays guitar. Oh and he also has played seasons of invite-only level of TF2 as a scout. What a nerd.

Makes Things Look and Sound Cooler and Work:

Chris Roberts: chris AT entelechynt dot com

Chris graduated from a high school arts program in music. He grew up drawing and animating on a computer. He would stage out games using his art asking people what they would decide to do frame by frame. Eric always managed to get hit. He composes, does art and animation, and does web development to boot. Provides sanity nerd checks.

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