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How To Play

  • Two players required : Keyboard vs. Mouse! Mouse controls the archer, Keyboard controls the Dungeon Master
  • The DM spawns monsters and controls the Archer's overall experience
  • The Archer kills all monsters in order to stay alive
  • The rules of play are strictly up to both players at the computer


The Archer

  • Right Mouse - Move
  • Left Mouse - Shoot
  • To pick a skill point, click on the highlighted icons on the right

The Dungeon Master

Spawning Monsters (to be pressed in order)

  1. Optional: d follwed by a two digit number - # of seconds to delay a monster from spawning
  2. A number - Type of Monster to spawn
    1. Zombies - Eat you
    2. Wolves - Run fast and eat you
    3. Golems - Slow and hardened, but hit very hard
    4. Skeletons - Can only be hit when their shield is not blocking
    5. Wisps - Circles the player and passes through him for damage
    6. Wraths - Cannot be directly aimed at. Slows the player and darkens the screen.
  3. A number - # of enemies to spawn
  4. q,w,e,a,d,z,x,c (grid on the keyboard) - Choose which direction the monsters spawn from

Other stuff

  • Right Shift - Award the archer a skill point
  • r - Rain effect
  • t - Lightning/thunder effect
  • u - Stop Music
  • i - Normal Music
  • o - Suspense Music
  • p - Action Music

Cool Facts

  • Won 'Puce' for people's choice at TOJam #2
  • Vastly different play mechanics from the TOJam version
  • Features a subtle use of an image of a goat on a pole
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